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Elegant Yet Strong Steel Profile Ideal for Roofing & Wall Cladding

Rib1000 is a curvaceous roof profile sheet. The curvaceous design not only adds strength to the roof profiles but also gives it an elegant look. This also translates into long spanning capabilities. Rib1000 can be used as roofing as well as walling applications for various industry segment like factories, warehouse, infrastructure project etc.

Material Specifications

Rib1000 is available in the following base materials:
Galvalume high tensile cold rolled steel as per AS1397, coating class AZ150 (min. 150 gsm/m2 zinc - aluminum alloy coating mass, total on both sides), 550 Mpa / 345 Mpa / 245 Mpa yeild strength. We also offerAZ70/100/200/275 gsm as per customer requirement, even though our standard offering isAZ150. Galvanized cold rolled steel as per IS:277 and IS:513 (min. 120 gsm/m2 zinc coating mass total of both sides) 550/345/245 Mpa yeild strength. Aliminium alloyAA3105 ores per specification.
Color Coating -Oven baked paint system applied to substrates:
Silicon Modified Polyster (SMP) or flouropolymer (70% Kyner 500) 20 microns top coat over primer (finished side), neutral back coat over primer (back side) over Galvalume Steel. Flouropolymer (70% Kyner 500) or polyster top coat 20 microns over primer (finished side) neutral back coat (back side) over aluminum.
Length: ± 6mm Cover Width: ± 6mm Packing: In bundles, as per New Vision standard of packing. Length: Available in customized lengths or maximum transportable length.
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