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Shear Studs welded through Steel Deck to main steel support are recognised as the most efficient method of achieving the necessary interactions between steel beams and concrete slabs in composite floor construction.
Shear stud welded also known as stud arc welding, joins a stud and another piece of metal together. The stud is usually joined to the structural member along with Steel Deck, but using stud as one of the electrodes.
Shear stud welding uses a type of flux called a ferrule, a ceramic ring which concentrates the heat generated, prevents oxidation and retains the molten metal in the weld zone. The furrel is broken off of the stud after the weld is completed.
The shear studs used are of 16mm or 19mm diameter headed shear studs of varying length, depending on the size of the slab. These are manufactured in low carbon steel, and have a minimum yield point of 350 Mpa and an ultimate tensile strength of 450 Mpa. Portable stud welding machinery is available for the above application.
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