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Steel Decking System

Steel Deck is an innovative steel decking profile, which is an ultimate lightweight system for all multirise buildings. Steel Deck acts as a form for the concrete and is designed so that no or minimum propping is required.
Steel Deck is designed for the use with structural concrete and is manufactured with mechanical embossments in the webs to create mechanical and chemical bond between the steel deck and the concrete. The composite action allows the deck to serve as the tensile reinforcement for positive bending in the slab, which is significantly reduces or eliminates the need for rebars in the slab and lowers material and labor costs. The strength and durability of the steel provides a solid platforms for construction on top of open web joists, structural steel, light gauge framing or masonry walls.

Material Specifications

Steel deck profile is manufactured from hot dipped zinc coated high strength with minimum 245/345 MPa yield strength and coating mass of Z120/Z275 (min120/275 g/m2 total of zinc coating on both sides).
The available thickness ranges from 0.70 mm to 1.2 mm BMT (Base Metal Thickness). The steel conforms to AS1397 and BS EN 10147:2000.

Steel Deck Span Table Formwork Stage*

Note to Table 01

0.50 kPa live load considered for stacked wet concrete during construction. Spans are calculated on the basis of limiting deflection of L/180 and ration of 2 adjacent spans in considered as 1. The above design is performed considering no supports of the props. BMT stands for Base Metal Thickness. Please contact New Vision before adopting the design.


Lightweight: Concrete floor weight reduces by almost 50%.
Economical: Doesn't require additional support, reduces use of concrete, reduces slab thickness, savings in reinforcement steel.
Time Saving: Easy and rapid installation to major reinforcement required.
Material and sectional properties impart additional strength to finished concrete slab during service period.
Practically propless, giving space for parallel activities & simultaneous casting of multiple floor possible.
Multipurpose: Widely used in lultistorey buildings, malls, markets, storage facilities mezzanines, bridges, walkways, platforms, warehouses industrial sheds, control rooms.
Aestetics: Offers internal polished look available in a variety of colors. So no need for internal plastering of roofs.

Steel Deck Sectional Properties

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